This Week in Feli’s World. Lisbon. Week 1.

As most of the people know, I’m in Lisbon for work right now. Week one is over, four more are to come.

ImageLisbon is nice. „Nice“ really is the word for it. Nice and not nice houses, old and new buildings, fine places and those that are completely run down.

Usually, when I get to a different place (especially if it’s sunny), I very fast get to the point where I’m like „Oh, I could totally live here“. That didn’t happen this time.  And I wondered why.

The answer is really simple: Because I kind of already do. That’s what makes this situation different from let’s say a vacation. I go to work every day, I have an apartment not a hotel room, I do my grocery shopping and such,… Even if it’s just for a certain period of time, I actually do have a life here.
Referring to one of my last blog post, that also means, that I figured out which bank partners with my German one, I have my Portuguese sim card (actually just for the data, but whatever) and I try to speak more and more words in Portuguese. And I have some really nice people around me.

It is just one week now, but when I thought about returning to Hamburg at some point, a voice inside of me whispered „Why?“ in terms of „What or whom for?“. What kind of got me then was the fact that there is nothing I miss. At least not yet.

I hope that comes soon, because not having a good reason to return „home“ will make leaving Lisbon really difficult.

But, I also know that most of the time I realize how much someone or something means to me, when I have it back. I don’t actively miss things, but get super excited and happy when I have it back. Last example: My apartment.

Other than that: what happened in Lisbon?

We had Aaron B. Iba over and he gave a good bit of insides about selling his company to Google, back in the days, when they were working on Google Wave. The technology he sold is now in Google Docs.
He gave a very nice of the record talk, that was very valuable.

Also, we had a guy from Rocket Internet Portugal here, talking about… Well… Copy cats not really, but still being very honest about everything.

As mentioned before I’m very grateful for meeting all the other startups from all over the world. From France, Ukraine, Brazil, the U.S.,… All of us are working on completely different ideas and are in different state: Some have an investor, others are looking for one, others don’t even want one.

Everybody has their own goals, wishes and  ideas and yet, we are one group. And some of this group (including me) went for a surfing lesson yesterday! It. Is. So. Exhausting! The current was pretty strong, but even without: it is not as easy as I hoped. Not surprising to anyone, I didn’t do too well, but I would love to try again.


Other than that, here a few pictures from a few nice places I went to today.

By the way: The Ponte 25 de Abril that is often compared to the Golden Gate Bridge is not built by the same construction company as many think (and I did until 2 minutes ago). It was build by the company that constructed the San Francisco – Oakland Bridge. That, at least, says Wikipedia.

So good, so far. Happy Sunday and let’s get ready for another exciting week!

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