Startups in Lisbon. This Week in Feli’s World.

This week has been quiet eventful. And it has shown where Portugal and Lisbon want and can be when it comes to startups.

On Tuesday, Brant Cooper stopped by. He is the NYT Bestselling author of „The Lean Entrepreneur“ and not only had a few very smart things to say, but also gave individual advice to every startup that asked for it.

On Wednesday we got invited to meet the President. Out of the 74 startups 3 (1 from Europe, 1 from outside of Europe and 1 from Portugal) were selected to hold a 3 minute speech about their startup, Lisbon Challenge and the experience over here.

Screen Shot 2013-09-29 at 16.45.12Lucky as I am, I was allowed/had to pitch, too. And OH MY GOODNESS was I nervous!! A few pictures and a little talking to the president afterwards made it lots of fun though!

He listened to our ideas and what we experience over here and though he hold his speech in portuguese I kinda got the idea that he supports the startup community and wants it to grow.

On Thursday morning we had a Mini Seedcamp at our office and at night there was an event hosted by Startup Lisboa, an incubator down here in Lisbon. It was Demo Day, means the startups showed what they’ve got.

Pretty much all of us went there, because we like life outside the office and just socializing.

And hello, this was a nice one! On the rooftop of a building, with a cool tent, cause it just started raining that day. Also catering, drinks, men in suits, women in dresses. And… Well…. Startup people.


Is this where the money is at?


Red wine? Red wine.

Suddenly they’re closing the bar and start the presentations. Closing the bar? What the…. Ok.

Presentations. Hm.




Alright. Next.

Hey, wait. This is some pretty cool stuff!!

It was amazing seeing all these people and their ideas up there! Ideas went from Chippers, a Pop-up French Fries store idea, to Cashtag, a mobile payment solution to things like prodsmart, an app that deals with productivity for businesses.

But you don’t just find great startups, ready to hit the world, there. In our Co-working space, the Beta-i, a startup program (Beta start) is taking place to help startups getting their stuff together. They have mentors coming in and helping them and the teams work near us international teams. It’s cool, because they also come up to us and ask us questions.

On Friday I was asked to talk about our Co-Founder structure and about our company culture. It was great, just a 10 minute talk about how the company started and such and questions afterwards. The founder of wishareit and I were in there for 90 minutes! Everybody was so excited and interested, the questions were so clever and smart that I could have continued forever.

There are more co-working and startup places in Lisbon we haven’t seen yet, because mainly, we are here to grow our ideas or companies. But yes, more is to come and I’m looking forward to meeting new people, getting to know cool ideas and listening to other startups‘ stories.

This week has been crazy – so much new and exciting stuff!

Exhausted, but happy, I can’t wait for the next to come! Though it’s going to be less nuts and more office, numbers, and rain.

Lisbon, let’s hit it!

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