Lisbon Challenge. Last stop: London. And over. And out.

Big Ben, the Queen, the London Eye?

Just to name a few things we didn’t see!

Again, this was not planned to be a vacation but a business trip.

And this time, we started at the Google Campus in Tech City, the area that hosts most of London’s tech startups, a lot co-working spaces and startup events.

View from The Hoxton Mix (
View from The Hoxton Mix (

Again, we saw some co-working spaces (again with really cool views over the entire city), went to offices (e.g. from SeedrsSeedcamp and Harbottle & Lewis), heard great pitches and met super interesting people.

This week was shorter, it had less meeting, and after all, we had less power.

And now?

That’s it.

Gone is the „jetset life“ of having lunch in New York, dinner in Boston and wake up to a nice airplane breakfast over the Atlantic Ocean.

I’m back in Lisbon now, will return to Hamburg next week and than … Well. Nothing.

I feel tired and a little worn out. After almost 20 weeks, hundreds of pitch presentations, talks with accelerators, VCs, and whatnot we all have come to the point where we couldn’t do our own pitch anymore and be super excited about it. (Though I still get nervous and a little shaky – a great feeling that nothing else can give you!!)

Those who did all three trips (not all of the TOP 10 companies did) and I agree on the fact, that we couldn’t do this much longer. We couldn’t keep traveling, because it is really exhausting and it slows down the development of your startup. Being exposed to so many new experiences, you start to forget people, names and relations in less than 36 hours, and you cannot keep up with emails anymore, not even to talk about your friends.

Party, party, all the time? Ehm, no. 

Firstly, we visited only expensive places.

Secondly, meetings started at 9 a.m.

And finally, after being surrounded by people, people, and more people all day, at some point you just want to close the door behind you and enjoy the silence doing your emails.

On the other hand, I met super interesting people that I loved to hang out with, who I would have never met, if it wasn’t for this trip, and  saw great places and learned a lot!

These weeks were so crazy and full of incredible things, that I’m glad I took so many pictures to remember it all. I got insights about startup projects by a Brazilian power company, had people explaining to me what “Good/Bad Leaver” means, and walked through the Huffington Post office, and on and on and on…

It. Was. Simply. Great! And I will miss it. The trips, the new people, the flying, the places, the life. But it couldn’t go on forever, could it?

Really, the next challenge is to go home and get used to my old life again.

Or not.

Let’s keep the confetti flying and see what 2014 will bring!

As of right now: Obrigada Lisbon Challenge! For the opportunity, the people, the experience and the change you brought to me and my point of view.

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