Is RED the answer?!

This is not about fashion week or “red is the new black” or something, this is about lives. I first saw a RED collection at GAP, a few years ago and now found it at Emporio Armani. Yesterday then, when walking through the Apple-online store, I found a RED IPot there as well. As I found out on the (PRODUCT)RED website, Dell, Microsoft, Converse and others joint the idea.
Here is the point: you buy a RED product and up to half of the money goes directly to Africa to help fighting HIV. The products are not more expensive than the other ones of the brand are. American Express offers for example a REDcreditcard and supports the Global Fund with every purchase the card owner does. It might be a good thing, they don’t spend millions on advertising and commercials. Still, I hope that somehow RED will get a bit more of attention. Not to make you buy all the stuff, but to open your eyes, that there are possibilities to help. Because I know, we all think HIV is pretty bad, and whatever happens, there.. where ever.. (we don’t even know) But all we do is actually criticizing politicians, because they don’t spend enough money or because they spend too much of our tax money. Here is, in my point of view, a good way to at least help a little bit. And to be honest: I put more trust in the knowladge of the consultants of American Express, Armani and Apple, who signed the RED contract, than to some stranger on the street, who asks me for a monthly support to save the world.

Still, I hope it doesn’t become a “wannabe-good-person” issue, that people just wear/buy/use to pretend they cared.

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