The America-Düsseldorf-Issue

It was either Karina or Alana, who first introduced me to someone at a bar as “The German American Girl”. When we first met, I still had a kinda strong American accent, which because of them, turned more and more into an “American-German-British”-accent, as a New Yorker told me this April!
But it was more than just the accent and the permanent wish of returning to the States; for vacation – work – living.
Then again, you’ll find me inviting every cool person I get to know overseas to come to the best city ever: Düsseldorf. Because this city is just an awesome place, really pretty, cool people, from really posh places to dilapidated clubs, you’ll find everything in Düsseldorf.

You think, I’m just talking about places and locations? Read this and explain me, why the grass is always greener on the other side!

  • When in the U.S., I drink Beck’s beer. Over here, I often think of having a Miller Light, when available.
  • Americans mostly call me ‘Felicitas’, which in Germany nobody does. But better calling me ‘Felicitas’ than ‘Feli’, which always sounds like ‘Filet’.
  • When I’m in Düsseldorf, I prefer to wear A&F, Hollister’s, AE, GAP, Old Navy, Aeropostale…When I’m in the U.S., the clothes I bring (often not too many, because I do the big shopping over there) are mostly ‘Edc by Esprit’ and Benetton (which are not as popular there as the ones above)
  • I definitely fall for American guys; in Düsseldorf as well!
  • Wal Mart XXL Super Store, how I LOVE IT! Over here, you have single stores next to each other. You have to go to different places until you have everything you need. But it’s fun to go out on the street again, before entering the next shop; I really like that!
  • I love Hershey’s chocolate way more than Milka, but I can’t buy it, though they sell it over here, because I feel like it doesn’t belong here.
  • I like mom’s mashed potatoes more than Wendy’s frensh fries.
  • I enjoyed it, when my American friends were interested in my Samsung cell phone, because they didn’t know this model, but my background picture is Times Square!
  • My cell phone is set in English, but I put ‘P’ for ‘Privat’ and ‘H’ for ‘Handy’ (German word for cell phone) behind my contacts.
  • No matter where on the planet I am, Starbucks Mocca is always my first choice, when it comes to coffee.
  • Over here, I watch CNN; On New Years Eve 05/06, I switched on EinsLive, a German radio station, on the internet and made people at the party in Virginia listen to it.
  • America is cool: New York, Chicago, D.C., Miami, Ronaoke of course!!! But Düsseldorf has the perfect size: it’s big and still small enough.
  • The atmophere during soccer world championship was really amazing, but the commericals during the SuperBowl break are just hilarious.
  • It’s pretty cool, that Germans sometimes ask me, when it comes to questions considering the English language, but it’s the best to tell Americans that I’m German.

Last night, I woke up at 3 in the morning and thought about that it was just 9 p.m. in Virginia. I was wondering, if I’d wake up at 3 in the morning there as well, because it’d be 9 a.m. in Düsseldorf then…

PS: I know, every place has its pros and cons.
And that is why I’ll at some point come back to where I belong to…

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