Let’s face it

 Cuff links are a really nice thing, I think.

ELEVEN FORTY CO. must feel the same and came up with a great idea: Individual cuff links, which as a pair, look like a face. Either like your face or your idol’s, your friend’s, Albert Einstein’s, whatever, they can do it. All you have to do is take a couple of pictures from different angles and mail them in. You can pick between the following materials: Sterling Silver, 18ct Gold, White Gold and Platinum.


Yes, I was thinking of getting a few pairs as well, until I found the pricing, starting at £1,250.00 (somthing like 1,450.00 Euro) for Sterling Silver.

Still, I’m finding this a great idea (sure an amazing gift) and not only a useless luxury thing.  


(Photos by www.elevenforty.com)

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  1. svennov says:

    Manschettenknöpfe sind ja wohl essentiell, ohne die verlasse ich noch nicht einmal meine Wohnung… Trotzdem hätte ich nicht gedacht, dass Du auch auf Manschettenknöpfe stehst.


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