Please Welcome: RhineBuzz

Imagine, you’re not from here. Imagine, your company moved to Germany and wants you and your family to move to Germany as well. Imagine doing that. Imagine, not really knowing the language, not really knowing what is going on, imagine, only knowing the bar around the corner, but not knowing anybody to have a drink with.

There are in fact relocation companies, but would you ask these people to go out with you on a Friday night? Would you go to the city by yourself, not knowing how to get in touch with others, since not speaking German very well? Would you go to all these places, they put up in these sightseeing books?

I don’t know what I would do. Especially, if I didn’t know, there was RhineBuzz here. RhineBuzz is trying to help at this point. It got started by Caroline, Pia and Mark. Caroline, for example, did a tour with us in English through the Albert Watson exhibition at NRW Forum. Pia did the same in Japanese. Mark speaks perfect English, the others speak perfect German and either perfect English or Japanese. They want to welcome the people who are new in this area and want to help, whether it comes to job search, doctor’s appointments or tax advisers. The idea is to build up a community of English speaking people, who stay in touch. They want to create a place, where you can go and you’ll always find people to talk to. And that is, what I’ve seen so far. The people I’ve met are really open minded, nice, interested in you and what is going on. They are from all kinds of different places: United States, England, Sweden, South Africa, Japan,… It is not only a great place to make new social contacts, but also to find business contacts.

I really hope, that people, who move over here, no matter if it’s for 3 month, 3 years or forever, get in touch with RhineBuzz and come to the meetings. People from all over the place met at NRW Forum, which has a really nice bar, every Friday at 8 pm. It’s free, you can come and go whenever you want to. CenterTV, a local TV channel, has visited and posted a video on their webpage (mostly in German though), if you want to get a little impression.

Also, RhineBuzz keeps you updated with what’s happening in Düsseldorf and around. And that is so much more than you would find on any other Düsseldorf-Homepage. That for, visit  (they are still working on their final webpage, this is just a temporarily one. It’ll be online in January/Febuary 2009) and become a part of it. Because that is, what RhineBuzz is in the first place: A community that would not exists if it was not for and with you.

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  1. Da stöbere ich gerade Dein Blog durch und dann das 😉 Jetzt wundere ich mich, ob wir uns vielleicht kennen. Ich bin gerade dabei, die neue Website von RhineBuzz für Caroline zu erstellen und bin Freitags immer im NRW-Forum…


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