www.how I met your mother…

Source: HIMYM Facebook Fan Page

Well, as well all know, “Social Media” is getting more and important and everybody should do it.

And as we all know, a lot of people and companies do it though they don’t know how to.

Sure every show has a Faceboook Fan Page, where you’ll find short preview of the next episode or backstage stuff, but this really got me:

Since I started University, I’m watching the show “How I met your mother”. And I have to say, it is better than “Scrubs”, “Dr. House” or anything, I’ve ever watched before.

We will not go through the story, all the characters and everything, but every girl has to admit, as much as he is an asshole, you’d fall for the character Barney! And so would I… (which is not surprising, since we all know I go for suits, assholes and Americans)

Anyways, the awesome, legan –wait for it– dary Barney sometimes mentions his blog. And there it is: The Barney Stinson Blog. Sure thing, you’ll find the latest updates on their Facebook Fan Page. And of course, with his iPhone in his hand, he is now twittering as well.

The blog looks a bit shitty, but read a few lines through it, and you’ll get what you were looking for.

All in all: Great show and also great community. Surfing through the page, you’ll find photos, video specials and everything, but also a Desktop App and Polls on how e.g. the Barney and Robin story should end, …


PS: Also, just in case not knowing, you’ll find all the sites mentioned on the show online. Just as Ted Mosby is a jerk.

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  1. mewimeister2000 says:

    Don’t forget about http://itwasthebestnightever.com/
    But be careful! Spoiler Alert. Season 5 only 🙂


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