Julian Schnabel — Polaroids

Well, these are some nice pictures right? Some indoor and some outdoor stuff. Julian Schnabel also took photos of famous people. And strangers. Well, I don’t recognize them.
Yeah, nice stuff.

Sometimes I wonder what artists were thinking when taking a picture and what their intention was.

And here is the first thing I love about Julian Schnabel: he imposes no restraints.

Julian Schnabel didn’t name his art and neither is there a single sign that says when or what was photographed. He doesn’t want to influrence what you think, he just wants you to think what you want to think.

How do I know?

As always I took the English tour at the NRW Forum, done by Caroline from Rhinebuzz. She always knows the fun details and interesting stories from the artist himself.

She told us, that he showed up at the press conference in his Pyjamas and also what impression his way of thinking and talking had on her. She knew who the people on wall were. Sometimes his kids, sometimes stars Schnabel met when he was a cook, sometimes Schnabel photographed older pictures. The places you’ll find photos of, are made at his house. And the big things in the back on the picture here on the left are huge Xrays.

The exhibition is great, there is no doubt. But it is even better, when you know a few little details about the artist and about the pictures.

I’ve been to German exhibition tours before, which were boring, way too long and addressed to art specialists. Caroline’s tours are nothing like that. She doesn’t tell endless stories, she’s giving you interesting anecdotes. The international crowd welcomes everybody with open arms, no matter, if you’re German, English, Chinese, whatever.

Caroline, thanks again for making this exhibition such a great experience and congratulations for being Antenne Düsseldorf’s Website of the week.

PS: Next tour will be on June 2nd (8 pm) , exhibition will end on June 11th.

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