liquid happiness

There are things, that not just make my moment, my day, but my my entire week, month or year.
I don’t want to go to ‘make my life’, because that is maybe a little over the top.

Anyways. Last week, my hairdresser managed to make my week. Wooohooo, shorter hair!

But something else managed to make my month, probably this whole quarter, maybe even this year.

It goes great with grey, it goes great with black and even goes great with orange, red and yellow.
It goes great with coffee, wine and water and it goes great with me.

Let me introduce to you “The nail polish of the nail polishes”, “the color of all colors”, “the source of happiness 2011”:

Source: my closet












I’m usually not into this sort of stuff. I don’t wear jewelry, I’m usually not even into polishing my nails and I’m actually not really into American Apparel.

It comes down to: Pink.
Which is always the answer.

Get it for $6 or € 9 in your American Apparel around the corner or online.

More more happiness: Put a clear coat over the top to make it shiny.

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