How to get started at SXSW

Hello everybody,

since this is my first SXSW I just want to leave a few words here for those, who’ll be in my shoes next year. I’ve been to conferences such as Republica and Picnic before, but this is different.
Bigger, greater, better.

In short: Get your badge a day early, have your contact info printed and hand it out, foursquare, talk to everybody you want to talk to – we’re all the same here and that’s really cool!  Go to really cool panels and stay out of well-alright-panels.  And: Party hard!

In longer:


Upload your photo upfront and get your badge a day early. No matter what your excuse is, you’ll regret it SOOO bad.
On day one, people were standing in line for over 2 hours.
2 hours that you can’t spend running around meeting new people. Instead you have to put up with slow wifi. Seriously. GET THERE A DAY EARLY!!

During the day, check out the panels. You’ll do your own schedule anyways, but you might have missed something really cool. When you talk to people ask them what they are most excited about and where they’re going next.
You’ll find yourself changing your plans a hundert times.
Also, if there’s nothing that really kicks ass, don’t go. The real thing is happening outside the panels (still, some are pretty fun and interesting).

At night, go out partying.
I went by myself and met a lot of really cool people. Some are just here for networking, others to hang out and party. All of it is fine. Great people told me about their business or idea or what they are up to. Started at consulting firm, went over office sharing platforms and one told me about her let’s-get-married-page.

Make sure you have business cards with your name, email, linkedin, twitter or whatever with you. You’ll meet crazy cool people you’ll want to stay in touch with!

Check in everywhere on foursquare. That’s the easiest to stay updated with your friends. Plus: You’ll find great tips and deals on there! (If you’re not on foursquare, please be so kind and change that.)

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Oh wie schade, hätte ich gewusst, dass Du auch in Austin bist, hätten wir uns treffen können. Du kennst mich natürlich gar nicht, aber ich lese dein Blog seit ein paar Jahren, immer mal wieder. Nächstes Jahr wieder SXSW?


    1. Frau_Feli says:

      Äh, etwas spät, sorry! Mal sehen, ob ich es nächstes Jahr noch mal rüber schaffe. Entscheide ich dann. Gefallen hat es mir aber super! 🙂


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