What Airbnb taught me

Let me start this right: I worked for Airbnb 2 years ago. As an intern in their German base in Hamburg. And that’s when I started using it as a guest. To understand what it is like. As I host, I couldn’t, as I never had an apartment, but just a room in Siegen, which… Let’s not go there. Anyways. I have a place now. 

I love hosting people. And I trust basically everyone. Years ago, I met 5 guys on a flight back from the U.S. and a week later I had the entire crowd staying at my parents house for a night before they flew back. We went to the Düsseldorfer Altstadt with them, showed them around, made their beds, some breakfast and showed them the way to the airport. Ever heard of them again? No. Was there a need? No. All good.

In Hamburg, I didn’t want to rent out my apartment, because we know it’s not perfect. It took forever to get it the way it is now, but I still haven’t painted the hall way and the bathroom – speaking of bathroom, the only light is a chain of lights.

Yet, I have to rent it out now as I move to Lisbon for a few weeks.

So I asked Airbnb for a photographer, she came a few days later, took great pictures and voilà there is my place online.


The moment it went online, it got nuts! I had 7 requests within 24 hours (that is 7 more than I expected) from all over the world. I rented it last week from Thursday to Sunday and then a last-minute-request came in (cause someone else canceled) for Sunday to Wednesday. Check.

I get at least one request a day, most of the time two or more.

It’s booked again on Saturday for the six weeks straight that I am gone.

Between the two parties I went in, cleaned everything, filled up the fridge, put new apples and chocolate on the table, made the bed and well, stuff you do.

New people came, I welcomed them and showed them around, explained where to find which place to eat and left again.

Today, I got back to my place. Everything was clean and all was good, but I was never concerned about that.

What is there to break at my place?! I always thought.

But when I entered my place today and my phone logged in to “Chardonnay Island”, my wifi, and I looked around, saw my friends and family and me on the pictures everywhere, I realized how much I missed my home.

I will of course always travel and always rent this place, but I didn’t know how much home this is to me until I was until just now.

I have one of these AquaNotes in my shower and a lot of my friends use it to leave a little hello for me. And as I saw, my guests used it as well!

That made me so happy!!


My Airbnb guests also said really nice things about my apartment. Of course that it is located perfectly for tourists, you never need public transportation or even a cap, because everything is in walking distance, but also the first two girls said they see there is a lot of love in the details at my place.

It touched me. Because usually friends say my place is a construction area or “It’s colorful and well, has character, but yeah…”  Though, to be fair, even my friends had to admit I made quite a bit of this place.


I can’t decide if I want to sleep in my bed or in my living room tonight. Or on the kitchen floor. I just love my place. And yet I really look forward to go to Lisbon the day after tomorrow and have a new home at the side somewhere else, again.

Hands up for Airbnb. Not only for showing me wonderful places all over the world, let me meet extremely different but always nice people, but also showing me how much home my place is to me now.

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