Lisbon. Day 1.

Hello hello, I’m in Lisbon! And it’s great!

For those who wonder what I’m doing here, here is an article about Lisbon Challenge, the program we are part of.  It is actually a business thing, but this weekend is vacation!

I got here by myself, the other 2 guys from my team will get here tomorrow and the day after.

For the weekend, I’m staying in an Airbnb place that is rented to other guests as well. There is one guy from Paris and a girl from I forgot with me in the apartment. Both are really nice and travel by themselves as well.

ImageAfter I got here yesterday, I went to Beta-i, the co working space the startups work in together. Everybody is really friendly and some of us went out for dinner and drinks together.

And it’s fantastic.

As I don’t have my friends with me, I talk to all the others much more. Also just now, the French guy from my apartment and I had breakfast outside and might spend the day together.

It’s easier to get in touch with new people when you’re by yourself, because you’re out of your comfort zone – though I honestly don’t feel uncomfortable with strangers, actually I love it very much.

Yesterday and today are different to my other trips because I am really by myself. And that is fine. With “by myself” I mean alone and free, and not lonely.

And the city is beautiful and the sun is shining and I’m not gonna waste my day in front of the computer. : )

For pictures find me on instagram and for updates on twitter.

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