This Week in Lisbon. Startup Updates.

This week a few pretty nice things happened inside the Lisbon Challenge.

The French Guys opened their beta website to us! It’s exciting news to me cause I watched them work on it for weeks. To sum it up, this is what their Angellist profile says:

“InPeople allows you to invest in entrepreneurs’ early-stage businesses, support them with your network and advice, and collect a share of their startup’s future revenue! We target revenue-driven startups and offer them a fundraising solution that doesn’t involve giving up on ownership.”


It is our job now, to test and break it and give feedback about it, before it’s open for everyone. YAY!

Also, Team Pink (aka Stuffle) just raised some cash and signed a little Media for Equity deal. As I don’t share my private feelings about my business life here, I’m not gonna go into detail how it excited me and things. But even for the group here in Lisbon I felt it was great news.

First, I felt bad, because I see others bootstrapping over here with their awesome ideas. Kids, that are years younger than I am, building, designing, discussing about the Next Big Thing. And doing such an amazing job. And I just wish I had some cash left to support them and invest in their ideas.

Some live the startup life you have only heard of. No MacBook Air, no monthly payment, currently not having a home address at their home country, probably moving back in with their parents. No meals outside on a daily basis, and if we go out for drinks, they know the cheapest place to get them.

It feels like being a student again. But also, it brings everybody a little closer. You try to solve problems together, whenever there is a chance to make an intro to someone that might be useful, you do it. You want everyone to succeed.

And also, you share the joy when someone has good news.

Also brand new this week: The Eventyard App is now in the iTunes Store! They managed to have a really beautiful and easy design, just as on their website. Good job, guys!

Yeah. That have been the news for this week.

With a nice TGiF thing taking place at Shilling Co Working place, being hosted by UniPlace.


That was this week in Lisbon. Can’t wait for the next to come!

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