#nobadge Day 1

First day at SXSW without a badge.

Screen Shot 2014-03-08 at 07.31.59

Friday started with the girls geek breakfast at Magnolia Café – as always: super delicious and again very nice to meet people, a few new ones, a few from last year.

And no, it’s not just girls!

As I wasn’t rushed to get to a pannel, I could take time to walk downtown with one of the girls and keep the conversation going.

As usually, the first day was still a little empty, a few companies hadn’t finished their set up yet and won’t open until today.

With a lot similar tech companies being at SXSW, there is one new player in the game this year, making our conference life better: Cottonelle.

IMG_2975Cottonelle, for those who are not familiar (just like I was), is promoting their wet toilet paper. They offer a place to refresh, get your make up done, get a massage,…

Hashtag: #LetsTalkBums

I’m finding that… interesting. Is the SXSWi audience good to promote everyday products like toilet paper? Or is SXSWi so random by now, that the target group is not just tech people? Or: Is there hope for the hashtag and all to go viral?

Cost = Value?

Whatever it is, the people like it and appreciate it!

Anyways. #nobadge we said.

Most of the locations, like the Samsung Blogger Lounge, let you enter without a badge and provide coffee and wifi (and right now breakfast – THANKS GUYS! Way to go!) to everyone.

Overall, I met a few very nice people, hung out with other people who are without a badge as well and checked out the surrounding.

Number One and Two tips, if you are without a badge:

Find others without one.
There are sooooo many!! But as a group you’ll be better organized and will miss less cool events, meet ups, open talks,…

Advice number 2: Download the Eventbrite app.

It shows you all kinds of events outside the ballrooms, shows friends, who are attending as well, and lets you RSVP.

Screen Shot 2014-03-08 at 10.03.35

As said, Day 1 was (like every year)  a little slow, and it was the same case with the events outside the convention center. And at one point I really missed my badge. I missed listening to people telling me stuff, discussing it afterwards, I missed sitting in the rooms, staying or leaving, and gaining new knowledge.

And then I managed to get into one talk. I was excited, because at least now, I can listen to someone and hear news. And then… I heard pretty much 95 % of a TED Talk I listened to months ago. Same speaker, almost same slides, …

Disappointed I left and found friends to hang out with again.

Today though, my schedule is packed. After watching the live stream for the Julian Assange interviewIBM Design, Future Mobile Lunch, I fucking love Science, Tumblr SXSW #FuckYeahTheSequel,… are on the list.

Just check your eventbrite and you’ll see plenty of options.

For those with and without a badge: Let the day begin! But bring an umbrella, it’s rainy!

Happy #SXSW!

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